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About TaiFin Glass Machinery

Taifin's sales are growing rapidly and the company has delivered machines to all over the world. Since the beginning several customer’s have purchased already the second or third furnace after having experiences from the first one. TaiFin’s customer’s consist of various size of companies including some of the biggest one’s in glass industry.

Pilkington Automotive made a comprehensive analysis on windscreen bending furnaces available in the market on 2010 in order to find equipment to produce modern complex shapes for both OEM and AGR markets. TaiFin had introduced and supplied first GBFu series furnaces already on 2009 and came to the market in the right time with modular design and advanced control for shape and edge tension.

As a result of comparison between different suppliers Pilkington Automotive chose GBFu furnaces first to factory extension in North America and later to new plant in Europe. Now after several years of heavy use these furnaces have proven their capabilities in one of the world biggest manufacturer’s production.

Windscreen bending furnace supplies to Pilkington Automotive

CTF full convection flat tempering furnace

Based on the feedback from several customers worldwide that are using a range of various flat tempering furnaces TaiFin started to design a genuine solution to the flat tempering production requirements of today. Low irisation and flatness with uniform heating/cooling are traditionally the main issues but surprisingly often manufacturers are still struggling with same problems. At the same time demand for bigger and bigger flat tempered glasses is increasing rapidly.

As a solution TaiFin’s developed a furnace with modular construction that is easy to extend. CTF furnace has much better capabilities to control heating of ever smaller areas throughout various load sizes and thicknesses with very fast reacting and accurate control system using radiant and convection heating in advanced way. As a result a great temperature uniformity is achieved very easily and with minimal operator interference.

After completing long and challenging product development phase CTF furnaces are now available. The first 3,2x7,2m size CTF furnace to big European manufacturer Thiele Glas is already supplied and running heavy production with excellent results.