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Glass made in TaiFin tempering furnace is tested beyond standards

It is obvious that iridescence has become one of the factors when grading quality.

The effect of unwanted iridescent can disturb the appearance of the design by causing distortions on glass surfaces. It detracts from the overall aesthetic of the architect’s design and may irritate the viewers by distorting visibility even in normal daylight. It is clear that iridescence has become one of the factors when it comes to grading quality. Fortunately, the glass can be qualitatively measured and classified with use of the unique isotropy measuring technology made by Arcon.

"Isotropy" describes uniformity in all directions

The Isotropy value scale rates specifically the iridescence pattern in the tempered glass. A high isotropic rate for a glass means an undistorted optical effect, without refraction stripes or spots. The general standard for tempered glass available in the current market has isotropy values from 55 up to 80%. Lately, Arcon measurement device has demonstrated a remarkable isotropy value of 96% in glasses produced in TaiFin Glass Machinery furnaces!

Along with advanced technology, the value of tempered glass is 95% or more, which is nearly twice as beyond the normal levels achieved by standard furnaces on the market. Furthermore, the value of 95% or more denotes that iridescent patterns cannot be seen without observing through polarized sunglasses. According to this scale, a new level of standard in iridescence in glass has been set. With optimized heating and cooling system, iridescence can be reduced to a level that has not seen before. Investing in TaiFin furnaces will take your business to the next level. Get acknowledged with our range of furnaces here.

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